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'Tai chi' can also refer to the kung fu method of taijiquan (supreme ultimate fist).
Taijiquan is an exciting martial art involving weaponry and unarmed combat.
It cultivates whole-body strength, whole-body movement and whole-body power.
Students employ the yin/yang principle in order to attain both victory and harmony.


What is tai chi?

When most people say 'tai chithey mean tai chi for health: the peaceful slow motion exercise.
Tai chi for health is gently challenging and assumes no existing level of fitness.
Adults of all ages can join in.

Reasonable force

No matter whether you train a martial art or a fighting art, it is usually possible for a skilled exponent to incapacitate an opponent.
However, in real life we must exercise restraint and employ 'reasonable force'.
Do only what you need to do.
Nobody wants to receive a broken arm or be put in hospital. Show compassion.

Even the most serious martial arts are seldom practiced with the traditional goals in mind.
Nowadays, people can learn how to incapacitate without causing undue harm.