What can you (the student) do?

On one level, the student is seeking to gauge the instructor's ability. At the same time, they are wanting a fixed answer.
Herein lies the problem. 
Combat is anything but fixed. There are no guarantees. No security.
What the instructor can do is a secondary concern. What matters more is what the student would do...

Real tai chi

Tai chi involves a multi-layered approach to the cultivation of healthvitality and wellbeing
The depth of study available within a bona fide system of tai chi is incredible.
A student can quite literally explore the art for their entire lifetime and still discover new mysteries, secrets and skills.


Attention seeking

A time waster is a person who comes to the training hall with no intention of taking a lesson.
They want to check out the class, chat, discuss their medical problems and be sold on tai chi.
They tend to make a lot of noise, fuss and generally make a spectacle of themselves.


What would you do if...

A common question asked by beginners is "What would you do if..." 
They suggest a variety of scenarios in which you are attacked and expected to counter.
How do you counter a kick?
What about this hold?
Can you deal with a headbutt?
Will it work if the attacker has a knife?

No time wasters please

Visitors often ask if they can:
  1. Take a free lesson
  2. Watch the class
  3. Seek medical advice
  4. Have a chat about tai chi
Unfortunately we do not offer these options.
We are a business not a charity. We are not performers. We are not qualified to give medical advice.

If you want to know more about tai chi, read this website or try out the class for yourself.
Come to practice, not to talk.


Our ethos

Our aim is to teach tai chi with sincerity, good humour and integrity.
By following the authentic training methods detailed in the Tai Chi Classicsour lessons are always thought-provoking, balanced and thorough.
In addition to qigong and tai chi for health, we teach the complete tai chi chuan (martial artsyllabus.

What we offer

We offer a very high standard of tuition from instructors with decades of experience.
There is a syllabus in place to ensure that the tai chi is taught in a consistent, structured, methodical way.
Students work towards a comprehensive understanding of tai chi, whole-body strength and the ability to use their body in an intelligent, healthy manner.


Reaping what you sow

The bliss that comes with a responsive, agile, dexterous, capable body is hard to articulate.
You can move with the grace of a dancer, strike with the force of a sledgehammer, feel immensely composed, physically at ease and also have on-going mental acuity/alertness.
You make it happen.
You did the work. You overcame the challenges. You did it by yourself. You did it for yourself.