Passing your green belt...

The green belt is the first grade in the intermediate syllabus.
It is an easy grade to pass.


Washed away

Footprints in the sand provide the illusion of permanence. Yet the tide always washes them away - as though they never existed at all.

Gravestones mark the burial ground of those who were. And in the centuries to come, what will they mean? Who will remember or mourn the passing of so many?

We are like impressions in the sand, and no matter what our contribution, the world will forget us once we are washed away.


Qigong & form

Qigong and form in particular need to be accurate in order for you to complete the beginners syllabus.

Alignment and structure are key features of tai chi.



Many alcoholic drinks are not suitable for vegetarians.
Check the label.



Your web site...

 Beautiful and truth seeking, a joy to read. Thank you.

 (Sue and David)