What is grading?

Students are evaluated every 12 weeks. Sifu offers advice, corrections, tips and pointers. 
If you understand the fundamentals of your grade well enough, you can move up to the next belt.



With a keep fit class or the gym you can attend intermittently, and train as much or as little as you like.
It makes no real difference.
The student is just a number in the register.

Learning tai chi is a little different to attending a night school course or a keep fit class.



This morning I was attempting to remember and re-organize my discipline, love, honour, and commitment vis a vis my life and martial arts training. I discovered your web site and it is so beautifully organized and to the point of my thoughts, that I had to email you and say thank you for having it on the internet.




I learned more in one afternoon about the art of Yang Cheng Fu style tai chi by browsing Sifu Waller's website than I have in the 2 months this thread has run. Some people are better at putting these things into words than other people. Sifu Waller is one of them.

 The art as explained on Sifu Waller's website is obviously the real deal.

 (Ricky Wood)



Meditation is the process of growing awareness.

You must root your attention in the 'here and now' unless deliberately allowing yourself to dream.
As you sit right now, what is your body doing? How is it is positioned? Are you relaxed or tense?
What are your thoughts? Do you feel at ease?



In order to be soft, you must first relax. In order to be relaxed, your joints must first loosen. When your joints are loose, you can move your body as one unit and manifest your jing like a soft whip.

 (Yang Jwing-Ming)



A casual student is not capable of learning our syllabus.