The first thing you will explore is alignment. How far apart your feet are placed... What your skeleton is doing... How you stand... Whether or not you are taxing the joints...

It is important to discover how to work in a manner that is healthy and comfortable. That way, it will directly affect your everyday life, and improve your health more effectively.


 I think Sifu Waller knows more about functional biomechanics than all the orthopaedic surgeons I have met put together. 

(Dr David Cousins)



Sifu Waller has been training since 1975, so is incredibly experienced. His classes tend to attract doctors and medical workers, as well as interest from hospitals. Why? Because we get results.

We aim to improve circulation, balance, coordination, ambidextrous body use, skeletal alignment and tension in the body, along with reducing anxiety by remaining rooted in the here and now.

This said, the classes aren't going to be medical or in any way 'heavy'. The exercises are moderateaccessible and can be easily performed by most adults.


Qi (magical energy)...

A lot of modern tai chi classes talk about qi... They give the impression that a magical energy is going to transform your health.

Our classes will never mention qiWe are not going to be talking about qi, auras or anything mystical. We are grounded in medically-sound, functional practice - in the physical world, not in the fantastical.



Qigong involves very simple exercises designed to introduce the rounded, natural shapes employed in tai chi. Although qigong is quite straightforward, it does require good body awareness and patience if you are to become adept with the movements.

qigong exercises are static, and these are terrific for strength-building.