Baguazhang addresses the experience of combat in a different way to tai chi.
The student avoids direct confrontation by circling around the opponent or by encouraging the attacker to circle around them.
Momentum and flow are used to overcome strength. The aim is to draw the attacker out of their centre and off-balance.

Bagua trains the student to adapt, change and improvise.
There are no fixed techniques, with the exponent preferring to respond to the demands of the moment rather than force an outcome.

5 excellences

Historically, tai chi was considered to be highly refined; alongside painting, classical literature, calligraphy and medicine.


Swift feet

Considerable balance is acquired through learning baguazhang.
Walking the circle requires the student to sink their root deep into the ground in order to become stable in motion.
Evasive footwork is vital.
The feet must be agile, alert and swift.

Circle walking needs to be smooth and natural, casual and comfortable.
Awkward stepping cannot be used in self defence.


The wise speak when
they have something to say,
fools speak when
they have to say something.



TAI CHI - is it safe to come to class?


A lot of people are panicking about the Corona Virus and many events are being cancelled. Some people are even hoarding toilet paper.
You may be wondering whether or not it is safe to come to tai chi class...

Well, let's compare it to the supermarket.
The supermarket gives you a realistic cross section of your local populace. Most of the people that you see are far from healthy. Be honest here?
Are the supermarket trolleys, scanners, payment machine buttons etc being sanitised after every use?
At present, the supermarkets are often packed with strangers in close proximity.

By contrast, the tai chi class is attended by people who are committed to being healthy.
We will endeavour to wipe surfaces down before class.
If you want to train solo - rather than partnered - you can request this.
If you partner with people and wish to wash your hands afterwards, no one will be offended.

Remember: staying strong (physically, mentally and emotionally) is crucial. We can help you with that.

Take care,