From my experience the school provides the best opportunities to learn tai chi whether the reason one has to learn is for health and fitness purposes or as a martial art for self defence.

 The instructors (Rachel and Sifu) are very experienced and one can tell that they know what they are talking about. The students are taught practically and in a way that helps the students understand how the skills and movements that are taught are incredibly useful to them in everyday life.

 Every exercise that is taught is based on the extensive experience and in contrast with other tai chi schools there is no talk of chi or other esoteric concepts, instead the instructors discuss biomechanics and mention what muscle groups work in different exercises.

 The quality and the effect of the exercises is incredibly beneficial to both the mental and the physical health of the students. In contrast to some other tai chi schools the joints of the students do not experience strain or discomfort as the experience of the instructors and their understanding of biomechanics makes sure that exercises taught do not have downsides for long term health and longevity but instead promote the healthy use of the body.