Not many students will get to be lineage students.
It is not a matter of playing favourites. It is a question of priorities and commitment.
Ultimately, the choice lies with the student.

The keenest students will be asked if they are willing to make the commitment to learn everything the instructor has to offer.
Are they prepared to work harder than any other student?
Are they willing to be pushed harder than any other student?


Question to Sifu Waller re syllabus

Question: Why do most tai chi schools not have a syllabus as such?

Answer: Usually a martial arts school has a clearly defined scheme of work, grades, levels, assessment etc. However, most tai chi classes are not martial classes. The teachers would not know how to systematically teach the combat skills.


Tea ceremony

Taking private lessons and/or training with a instructor for many years does not make you a lineage student.
An indoor student is allowed inside the private centre of the instructor's art.
A formal, public pledge is required, along with a gift symbolising your commitment to look after your instructor's wellbeing.

Traditionally, a tea ceremony takes place in which the lineage candidate(s) makes a public declaration of their intent.
The instructor accepts the student(s).
Photographs may or may not be taken, and the student may be given a lineage chart showing how the art has been passed on.