I sometimes wonder if the lack of enthusiasm we encounter is simply a sign of the times, or some fundamental failure to engage the interest of people. Modern culture views learning as some form of entertainment, which in the context of martial arts is obscene.

Sifu would never stoop to entertain students. Nor will he bull people up or cajole them. If enthusiasm is lacking and the student will not meet Sifu halfway, Sifu does not step closer to the student. Quite the opposite; he steps notably back and keeps a distant eye on the student.


Comprehensive workout

The Yang Cheng Fu system offers an extremely comprehensive workout, but only if you practice all or most of the forms.

Although the Classical Yang form is great for your body, the footwork is sluggish and the arms do very little.
Pao chui remedies the slow feet, as do the weapons forms.
The weapons forms also address the arms.


Use your mind

Students tend to think of martial arts as just being physical.
This is not correct.
All action begins in the mind.
Our perception of reality is psychological.


Beyond maths

Being an expert is more than just numbers.
You must also do the training skilfully, mindfully and carefully - following the taijiquan principles at all times.

A high degree of regular correction is necessary throughout much of your training.


Meat substitutes

There are many, many meat substitute food products available these days.
They are targeted at people who continue to think in terms of "meat and two veg".

This way of looking at food is limiting for the vegetarian.
It is better to move past the attachment to meat, and to regard food differently.
Instead of being restricted by the removal of meat, you might consider the massive range of food you can eat.

What's the point?

Training the internal arts is an endeavour that will enrich your life.
You will experience:
  1. Acuity
  2. Balance
  3. Calm
  4. Composure
  5. Flexibility
  6. Focus
  7. Mental clarity
  8. Mobility
  9. Strength
  10. Wellbeing
These qualities will affect your everyday life and enable you to live more fully and consciously.
Additionally, self defence skills will help to provide a sense of ease and harmony in a culture filled with conflict and adversity.