Sifu Waller is a teacher of unquestionable knowledge and experience. His classes and workshops are friendly, safe, inclusive and fun. The syllabus that he has created is structured, balanced and inter-connected. His teaching is clear, in-depth and incredibly practical. The exercises and the form do not consist of meaningless or empty movements - everything is done and practiced for a very practical reason (or, usually, multiple possible reasons). The more I learn, the more I'm amazed at both the depth and simplicity of what we're being taught, and also Sifu Waller's depth of knowledge and understanding - there seems to be no end to it.


Tai chi for health

The first two grades in the syllabus are non-martial.
Students focus upon learning the basic qigong exercises and the introductory partner work.
Strength, balance, coordination, mobility, stamina and flexibility are the focus.
He lives long who enjoys life and who bears no jealousy of others;
whose heart harbours no malice or anger;
who sings a lot and cries a little;
who rises and retires with the sun;
who likes to work and knows how to rest.



The level of knowledge Sifu Waller has as a martial arts teacher is profound to say the least. Whether you are an absolute beginner to any martial arts (which I was) or more experienced, Sifu will teach you not only how to train physically but mentally also. His approach is by far the most authentic in the North East, but does not come without hard work. If you want to improve your health, gain insights into body/mind & eastern philosophy and throw someone across a room with little to no effort -- this is the school to go for. It may just change your life for the better. It certainly has for me.



We are checking our smartphones on average 221 times a day. Recent research found that 80 percent of millennials look at their phones upon waking; this addiction is a strong one. As a result, our cognitive processing has become shallower and we have become so distracted that we play directly into the hands of the autopilot. Digital devices are the modern day equivalent of tranquillisers. They instil a trance-like state almost immediately as they are anchors for our subconscious to take over. 
(Chris Barez-Brown)


“You see what happened?
 This animal advertised his cleverness.
 He trusted his own skill.
 He thought no one could touch him.
 Remember that!
 Do not rely on distinction and talent
 when you deal with men!”

(Chuang Tzu)



Focus on the essence of the movement, drill or exercise. What is its intrinsic purpose? Understanding the nature of something will enable you to see why, how and what is being trained.


When we are young, we can enjoy lots of external movement. When we are older, we become less active and can't as easily enjoy large movements, speed, high impact, and quick twisting of the muscles. Unfortunately, this is exactly the time our bodies really need good exercise to maintain youthful energy and health. Most of the exercise systems available in our society can't satisfy this need.

 (Adam Hsu)

Everything about Newcastle Tai Chi is spot on. The teaching is brilliant. Sifu Waller not only shows and teaches the form and different techniques but shows and tells why they are done in a certain way. Sifu Waller teaches in a way that is clear and is explained so all understand. I would highly recommend Newcastle Tai Chi to everyone. I finish one class and can't wait for the next one. One more thing I would say to anyone thinking of starting is try out the classes. Find out for yourselves. You won't be disappointed.



10 - 6

The ideal time to sleep is 10 PM. You sleep most deeply between 10 PM and 2 AM.
6 AM is the earliest you should rise.
Seratonin changes to melatonin at 10 PM, and 6 AM is when your circadian rhythm begins to wake you up. 

Honestly one of the most informative, realistic and enjoyable classes I've ever been to. Most self-defence or martial-arts classes focus on patterns & sequences. In teaching Tai Chi, Sifu Waller understands and acknowledges that real life isn't like that - you don't patiently wait to get hit in the face before returning fire! Nor are fights purely about strength; with aspects of the syllabus requiring reading and completing (short) written assignments you get both a full body, and mind workout in one. The accompanying website is an absolute goldmine of information.



Out of joint

Modern life is filled with distractions that distort your perception of reality and make you feel strung out and tired.
Television, computers, junk food, noisy neighbours, work, videogames, mobile phones, driving and family problems can all make you feel unhappy and agitated.
It is important to find ways to earth yourself. To be centred once again and complete.
To find stillness and quiet. To rest. To stop. 


I strongly believe that students should limit themselves to learning and fully developing in just one style only. By learning many styles and collecting many forms we simply cannot have sufficient time to practice.

 Few have the resources or talent to be the master of more than one style. The really good teachers focus on one style.

 (Adam Hsu)

Chinese New Year meal