Sifu Waller

Sifu Waller has practiced martial arts for most of his life and is a professionally qualified teacher.
He offers the most comprehensive, detailed and sophisticated tai chi chuan curriculum in the North East of England.
His dedication and countless years of training are impressive.

• 40 years martial arts experience
• 30,000 hours of practice
• Professionally qualified teacher
• Differentiated syllabus
• Fully insured
• Teaching since 1995
• Committed 10 years to full-time practice


What are the martial skills (kung fu)?

In combat, tai chi chuan uses evasion, stickiness and sensitivity rather than brute force. 
The muscles remain relaxed at all times and the body moves as one whole unit (neigong).
There are many tai chi chuan martial skills in the syllabus, including shuai jiao (take downs), chin na (seizing), jing (internal power), san sau (fixed sets), san da (freeform combat), form application, weapons and self defence.


What are the benefits of learning tai chi chuan?

Daily practice offers a wide range of benefits that will affect your everyday life:

• Get fit
• Stay calm
• Feel balanced
• Increased stamina and endurance
• Stress-relief 
• Gain functional combat skills that rely upon intelligence rather than brutality
• Off-set the effects of aging (e.g. sarcopenia)
• The release of deeply-held muscular tension 
• Boost energy
• A way to use millennia old Chinese wisdom in everyday life 
• Meditation 
• An unusual form of strength 
• Emotional composure in the face of confrontation and crisis 
• Philosophical study involving some of the most influential books ever written 
• Cultivate confidence and resourcefulness


What is tai chi chuan?

Tai chi chuan/taijiquan is a style of kung fu once practiced by the Manchu Emperor's elite palace guards.
There are 5 traditional styles of tai chi chuan: Chen, Yang, Wu, Hao and Sun.

The art is quietly challenging; requiring patience, hard work, commitment, mindfulness and composure.
Students work towards the cultivation of a high degree of physical skill and can reasonably expect to practice the art for most of their lives.


Rachel Waller

Rachel teaches qigong, tai chi for health and tai chi chuan.
With an extensive background in mentoring, body work and martial arts, Rachel enjoys promoting health and wellbeing.

She passed her taekwondo black belt in 1994 and went on to become president of the club.
In 2014, Rachel joined the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain as an 'advanced instructor'.