Induction course - Monday 14th February

The next induction course starts Monday 14th February.
Places must be booked on-line in advance.

There are a limited number of places available.
If you want to book a place, please send us an e-mail. 


5 star review

 I've studied here for some months and my excitement hasn’t faded away, as unfortunately it happened in other situations because my expectations have always been too high. In this case, it was exactly as I hoped Taiji would be (even better). For example, I remember the first time I met Sifu, when he directly showed me a practical fighting application of a movement, without long presentations. That certainly was a great first impression!

 My learning pace doesn’t depend on any pressure from anyone, but entirely on how consistent my training and discipline (in class and at home) are.
 You are also referred to useful resources such as books and DVDs.

 I enjoy the friendly, quiet, and respectful environment both in terms of instructors and classmates, but I don’t want to recommend this place too much, so that I can keep Sifu, Rachel and their art for me and my lucky classmates! :p



5 star review

 I wrote my first Newcastle Tai Chi review over 7 years ago and the classes are still fun, stimulating and engaging. As for the health benefits, I am considerably stronger, more flexible and generally more robust than when I started. I also seem to have a greatly improved immune system and haven't had a day sick off work in that time. Still 5 stars from me!



  I was new to Tai Chi and haven't studied Taijiquan before attending the first class. School instructors and the other students made me feel very welcome. It is immediately apparent that the instructors possess profound understanding on how a body works and have many years of experience practising and teaching the art. Each class is very well structured, follows an in-depth syllabus with great focus on practical applications, and the website offers a lot of background information.

Each student receives a personalised corrections and guidance. Plus, each class is a lot of fun, and the time just flies by. I highly recommended signing up for a taster or an induction course if you are interested in focusing on your health, self-defence, and/or the martial art.

(Peto Michalak)


 I will absolutely recommend this school to everyone no matter what age or gender! Sifu Waller and Rachel are both excellent and with lots of patience for everyone.



5 star review

I originally came to tai chi class thinking it would be something like an exercise class, something once a week that I would turn up to and feel a bit better. I was pleased to find myself completely incorrect, it is so much more than what I first believed.

I would urge anyone to browse the website to get a taste of how much knowledge is on offer.

Sifu and Rachel are really welcoming and passionate about what they do which really shows in their teaching. Anybody who would like to give tai chi a try, I can’t recommend Newcastle Tai Chi enough!

(Pete Dixon)


5 stars

Coming home from my first class at the Newcastle Tai Chi school, feeling whole, relaxed and grounded as if I had had the most intensive massage, is something I never expected. And it happens every week.

 As an older person with inflammatory arthritis who has had 5 joints replaced, I was keen to find a suitable exercise that would not exacerbate the arthritis in my remaining joints. I have been delighted to find an exercise that improves the way I use my joints and makes me feel even better than I could have ever imagined.

 I was recommended to take up Tai Chi by a friend and I chose Newcastle Tai Chi simply because it was the nearest to me and it seemed to be very well organised. On my very first attendance I adjusted my expectations upwards. After researching tai chi online, I became aware of the significance of Sifu Waller, the leader of the school, in the ethos and high standards the school sets; I discovered his amazing credentials as one of the most highly qualified teachers in the UK. His wife, Rachel, is equally impressive in her years of experience, her grace and elegance, providing inspiring, knowledgeable, inclusive guidance that is somehow personal to you, while at the same time she keeps a 360-degree eye on the rest of the class. 

 I came away from that first class being so very grateful that I had chosen Newcastle Tai Chi. 

 The main benefit I was seeking is being delivered (my journey stretches out enticingly before me), but there are other unexpected benefits;

 • a font of technical knowledge accumulated by Rachel and Sifu and published on the school website that members of the school have access to (Despite researching the website weekly, I have yet to get anywhere near exhausting its contents).
 • additional activities in the form of Tai Chi in the park and workshops • experienced and friendly help, freely offered by senior members of the school,
 • a strong sense of camaraderie,
 • a social aspect in the form of out-of-school activities, and finally
 • the Tea Club.

 I am surprised to find in Newcastle Tai Chi something that far exceeds what I originally sought for my joints. I am inspired to do better, to be calmer and to relax more and I have found something that appeals to my view on life. I am confident that this is far more than you would get at an average session provided by any other tai chi school in the North East.

 (Joan Trinder) 

I have been involved in the world of martial arts since I was 8 (around 40 years), having a 2nd Dan grade in Karate and Jujitsu and also having experience in 7 Star Praying Mantis Kung fu.

I have been interested in the internal arts, specifically Taijiquan and Baguazhang for many years but realised how hard it is to find someone teaching the authentic art.

With Sifu Waller I found what I was looking for!

Sifu's understanding and knowledge is outstanding.  The syllabus is both deep and broad allowing a structured development of each student as they progress.

Sifu Waller teaches the full art not just the commonly seen "health tai chi".  This is a martial art that is subtle and effective, using body structure and biodynamics to achieve success.

What I also love is the freedom to make your own decisions to what level you wish to study.  Just interested in the health benefits, then there is a health syllabus or a slightly more advanced fitness syllabus.

Want to take the training further, learning self defence, the full art of Taijiquan or the full Kung fu syllabus including Taijiquan and Baguazhang?  That’s available if you have the desire and commitment to grasp it.

The class has a well considered structure designed over many years and a friendly and fun approach suitable for anyone.

I can highly recommend this class for anyone with the passion and dedication to learn a true martial art or someone with a desire to improve their health.

There is no other class in the whole of the North East like it!

(Chris Young)



Imagine waking up each morning full of energy and vitality yet also feeling calm and relaxed about the day to come. It sounds like a miracle yet this state of abundant health and wellbeing should be our birthright. In our natural state we would face each day with joy, peace, and a deep connection with our bodies.

(Jane Alexander)



 If losing excess fat and eating healthily was so easy, then everyone would be doing it. In truth, it is not so easy. There is no rational reason to eat junk food.

It is fatty, contains very little nutrition and destroys your body. We all know the logic, yet people continue to eat badly. Why is this?

 The classes are relaxed, friendly and have a good-humoured feel to them along with an attitude of let’s get on and practice.