Adrenalin fueled, high energy activities and some bad habits had been the way I lived my life. This has left me with a damaged knee and hands as well as increasing joint aches with reducing mobility and strength. Fully expecting at least one knee replacement and further reducing mobility could only see myself placing more responsibility for my health onto the NHS.

Until I saw the light and reconsidered my approach to everything. Regarding health and well being Tai Chi always stood out to be the optimal activity. But with so many places offering Tai Chi where do I go? Following some diligent research on-line and in the library I identified the handful of most highly qualified teachers in the country. Then was amazed to find one such teacher was right here in Newcastle. I contacted Newcastle Tai Chi and what a good move that has turned out to be.

Having attended the school for a number of months now what is happening for me is nothing short of incredible. The strength and stability developing around my knees has put thoughts of joint replacements out of mind altogether. I've increased strength and muscle tone similar to when I attended a gym for years. But, without one drop of sweat! My energy level has also dramatically increased and sense of well being. As well as improved flexibility and movement , which I had expected. All this with only the right attitude and regular practice, no fancy equipment required.

What is required however is the right teaching. The quality and standard of the teaching at my school, and their whole approach to health and well being, is done with a level of integrity I would only have expected to find in the best schools in China it's self. Not just teaching the movements but also the understanding behind the movements, which is necessary to properly benefit from Tai Chi. Their relaxed and friendly environment are helping with learning and practicing what can be a challenging skill to master.

I must be driving passed at least a dozen schools teaching Tai Chi on the way to my school every Monday. But would consider myself mad to even contemplate practicing Tai Chi anywhere else. Tai Chi, the open secret. All schools maybe open, the secret is the right school.

(Tony Jackman)

Does tai chi involve physical contact?

Yes it does. Newcastle Tai Chi aims to provide an authentic tai chi experience.

Pushing hands (and other forms of partner work) requires you to touch other students.


 I have been a member of Newcastle Tai Chi for just over four years now. Prior to that I had spent a few years as a dedicated gym bunny with an assortment of personal trainers, but had started to find the whole endeavour a bit mindless and unnecessarily grueling. Having spent several years practising other martial arts in the past, I decided to look around for an alternative and, after some judicious Googling, spent several weeks revisiting Sifu's frankly encyclopaedic website. This sounded ideal.

I came along to my first class and got a warm welcome and a thorough induction from Rachel. None of the customary strutting or posturing from the more senior students either: everyone I met was friendly, approachable and obviously enthused by what they were learning regardless of their level of skill. Given my past experience and my aspiration to start the martial syllabus, I have to admit to feeling a bit bemused at times during those first few weeks. Why was I being asked to hold an apparently untaxing posture for ten minutes? How could such slow, soft movements possibly be of any benefit in defending myself? I persevered. As I gradually learned more of the sequence of movements called the Long Yang form and had more and more opportunities to see Sifu demonstrate the devastating significance behind even the most subtle of these movements, things began to make sense. Though I feel as though I have come a long way in my own journey with taijiquan, I realise I have scarcely taken the first step towards understanding the art and all that Sifu has to teach. The syllabus he has developed is comprehensive and staggering in its scale, but also tangible and achievable for anyone willing to shed their preconceptions and pursue it. Sifu's teaching is predicated entirely on biomechanics and efficiency of movement. It is also refreshingly devoid of the horses**t and hokum that so regrettably accompanies most supposed tai chi classes these days. Countless times I have found myself confounded by a particular application and convinced it couldn't possibly work, only to find myself exerting strength I couldn't have imagined thanks to one tiny adjustment or subtle shift of perspective from Sifu. I have no doubt that even those students who have only been able to attend the class for a relatively short period of time have emerged with a renewed understanding of their body and its potential.

Add to all this the variety of what's on offer (from girls' nights to tea clubs, workshops to weapons) and we are really very privileged to have such an exceptional class based in the North East.
If you are considering coming along for the first time, don't hesitate. We look forward to meeting you. (Paul Reynolds)


 This class is a rare opportunity to learn genuine Tai Chi from an experienced, professional teacher. I find the class to be friendly and enjoyable whilst still being disciplined, structured and safe. I would urge anyone interested in Tai Chi to give this class a try as the martial aspects of the teaching add a real focus to the training. The training itself is very different to anything I have seen before, so come with an open mind! All levels are catered for, from 'health only' to serious martial artist and the teaching is very professional and well organised. (Martin Isherwood)


Waiting list

Newcastle Tai Chi is a highly-rated school with a limited number of places available. Unfortunately, we have a waiting list.

If you want your name adding to the list, please send us an e-mail and we will contact you when the next induction course is scheduled.