5 star review

 I've studied here for some months and my excitement hasn’t faded away, as unfortunately it happened in other situations because my expectations have always been too high. In this case, it was exactly as I hoped Taiji would be (even better). For example, I remember the first time I met Sifu, when he directly showed me a practical fighting application of a movement, without long presentations. That certainly was a great first impression!

 My learning pace doesn’t depend on any pressure from anyone, but entirely on how consistent my training and discipline (in class and at home) are.
 You are also referred to useful resources such as books and DVDs.

 I enjoy the friendly, quiet, and respectful environment both in terms of instructors and classmates, but I don’t want to recommend this place too much, so that I can keep Sifu, Rachel and their art for me and my lucky classmates! :p


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